WWE news: reviewing Rob Gronkowski’s debut on SmackDown

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Gronk’s SmackDown Debut Fails to Impress

After watching the opening segment of Friday’s SmackDown, one takeaway was abundantly clear: Rob Gronkowski is destined to be the next celebrity to fail in WWE.

Gronkowski created unforgettable moments in the NFL with the Patriots, both with his play and off the field with his personality. But none of that was evident Friday on SmackDown.

Writing off anyone, particularly someone with Gronkowski’s charisma, after only one night is certainly shortsighted. Gronk has a few more chances to show he belongs before the audience makes up its mind on him, though it feels like WWE dropped a lot of money on an enhanced version of Mojo Rawley. And Mojo, despite his talent, has yet to connect with the WWE audience since he was brought up to the main roster in July 2016.

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