Which show do you want to see repeated on the BBC?

We’re living in an unprecedented time at the moment due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, but thankfully the BBC has the solution.

Earlier today (24th March), the broadcaster announced it would be bringing a couple of classic shows back for another outing.

Party Animals, Pride and Prejudice and Cardiac Arrest are among the few getting a repeat on the BBC, but with an extensive back catalogue, they really could have brought anything back.

We asked our social media followers the shows they’d like to see back on the Beeb to help get them through these long days and evenings in our homes, and the list below represents many of the favourites that they selected – from Only Fools and Horses to The Office and State of Play to This Life.

So we’re asking all of you, the RadioTimes.com readers – which show would you like to see repeated on the BBC?

Are you desperate to see Cutting It again? Or would you want Blake’s 7 or Classic Doctor Who back on the telly?

Vote in our poll below, and who knows – if enough people take part, perhaps the BBC will respond!?

[Poll closes Sunday 29th March 2020 at 5pm] 

Which of these classic BBC shows do you want to see repeated?

Blake’s 7

Life on Mars

Ashes to Ashes

Boys from the Blackstuff

Our Friends in the North

Monty Python

The Good Life

Classic Doctor Who

Fry and Laurie


When the Boat Comes In

Edge of Darkness


Cutting It

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

State of Play

All the Small Things

The Honourable Woman

The Goodies

Yes, Minister

Yes, Prime Minister

The Thick of It

Waking the Dead

Wolf Hall


Only Fools and Horses

Fawlty Towers

Keeping Up Appearances

Absolutely Fabulous

One Foot In the Grave



The Office

The Royle Family

I’m Alan Partridge

This Life

The Good Life

The Likely Lads

I, Claudius

‘Allo ‘Allo!


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