Naz Shah thanks Sadiq Khan for openness during TV interview

BRAFORD West MP Naz Shah has thanked London Mayor Sadiq Khan for talking to her so candidly about mental health in a TV interview.

Ms Shah interviewed Mr Khan on British Muslim TV where they discussed the impact of the coronavirus on Ramadan this year, Eid and the mental health impact of Covid-19.

Mr Khan revealed the impact the lockdown has had on himself.

He said: “It’s been tough. I don’t feel my usual self, it’s a combination of fasting and the isolation due to the lockdown.

“I would say to anyone who needs it, please get help.”

Ms Shah added: “One of the concerns we have got is the aftermath of Covid and the impact on mental health.”

After the TV interview, Ms Shah tweeted: “Thankyou @SadiqKhan for your time, your continued efforts and leadership during these unprecedented times, & especially speaking so candidly about the issue of #MentalHealthAwareness during Covid-19 and Ramadan.”

Here is a video clip from their TV interview:



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