Iowa caucuses 2020: Latest updates

DES MOINES — Some of Biden’s top advisers on Sunday morning sought to downplay any results in Iowa, arguing that any impacts of a loss here would be limited and suggesting voters consider the results of the first four states — not just the first.

“We’ve never said that we were going to run away with it. We’ve always said that this would be a fight, this would be a close race,” Symone Sanders, a senior adviser, said during a breakfast with reporters hosted by Bloomberg News. “We ain’t shocked.”

Biden advisers also attempted to cast the former vice president, who has led in most polls throughout the race, as the underdog.

“Since before vice president Biden got into this race — since before April 25 — people have been writing our campaign’s obituary,” Sanders said, adding that they remained confident. “Tuesday morning will be no different.”

Former senator Christopher J. Dodd (D-Conn.), another surrogate, described Sanders, who has led in several recent surveys in Iowa, as a grave threat to the party’s chances.

“Bernie is attractive to the young people who get excited about his enthusiasm, the absolutes in a sense,” he said. “It’s all sort of black and white. And I think when you’re younger, that’s an appealing message in a lot of ways.”

“In the end, Bernie describes himself as a socialist — certainly the president will have a field day with that argument,” he added. “Bernie would have a very difficult time winning the election in November as our national candidate.”

He also said that Sanders would be unable to campaign alongside many Democrats and would “pose a serious threat” to the House majority.

“I hope no one is offended by that,” Dodd said. “That’s just the reality.”

Biden has spent much of his campaign arguing that he is the most electable candidate in the race. When pressed over what a loss here would do to that argument, his team suggested it would not be an issue.

Tom Miller, the Iowa attorney general who has endorsed Biden, said that Biden supporters would continue to make the case that he is electable against Trump.

“Electability in the general election, that’s what we’re talking about when we say electability,” he said. “When we say he’s electable in the general election, we’re not saying he’s going to win every state in the caucus and primary system.”

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