Hollywood Undead – I Don't Wanna Die [Lyrics Video]

Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : I Don’t Wanna Die
Album : American Tragedy
Label : A&M/Octone

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Hollywood Undead – I Don't Wanna Die [Lyrics Video] — 36 Comments

  1. Another stellar choice for a Red Flag/Boogaloo playlist for when the alphabet bois are trying to stack up on your front door with their illegal no-knock raids.

  2. Dead ass I want to see Deuce and Danny put there differences.aside for one song and do a song together with Hollywood Undead Danng is a amazing singer Deuce is a amazing rapper one song will be amazing just one

  3. Three things happen to me today number one my friend said this song sucks number two he got hit by a bus number three I lost my freedom and bus license

  4. "It's either kill or be killed"
    Bitches: OMG UNDERTALE!!!
    "Just go to sleep"
    Bitches: OMG CREEPYPASTA!!!
    literally the first note of this song
    Me: oMg HoLLyWoOd uNdEaD

  5. OHH i just remembered something hi
    storytime people
    gather around the campfire

    one day i went over to my friend's house and we were drawing weird crap and jamming out to HU
    i was on my phone (it had like 2%) and this song came on

    right after my phone died

    the end i suck