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    Cody Rhodes at AEW on Chris Jericho's Cruise.

    Cody Rhodes at AEW on Chris Jericho’s Cruise.Credit: AEW

    WWE and All Elite Wrestling tour the country performing in different arenas each week, but somehow every show looks exactly the same.

    You can occasionally notice a slight difference in a specific venue like Madison Square Garden but for the most part, every arena has a similar setup that leads to every event having the same atmosphere.

    Changing up where wrestling events are held, especially for the bigger companies, can be a breath of fresh air. 

    The January 22 episode of AEW Dynamite was taped from Chris Jericho’s Rock ‘N Rager Wrestling Cruiser and everything about the show looked different, which made it feel special.

    The stage, the crowd and being exposed to the elements created a unique experience. This is the kind of thing both companies should be doing more often.

    Since AEW seems more willing to do things like this, let’s take a look at five other locations the company should consider for a future episode of Dynamite or a pay-per-view. 

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    AEW Dynamite premiered in the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, but it still looked like most other episodes because it is an indoor arena meant to showcase events like this.

    When WWE held WrestleMania 9 in Vegas, the company held the event outdoors in a makeshift arena at Caesar’s Palace and Casino.

    While this is widely considered to be one of, if not the worst WrestleMania of all time, the setting was still unique and a change of pace is never a bad thing.

    AEW could skip the togas and elephants but keep the outdoor setting and create a unique stage to make it its own. It might even be able to get away with doing the same thing at a different casino so it doesn’t look like management just copying WWE.

    Vegas is a major tourist attraction, and people love going to different events between their gambling sessions. AEW would likely sell out a show like this quickly. 

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    AEW has done a lot to keep the memory of WCW alive but one thing it and WWE has never done is hold a show in The Mall of America.

    The debut episode of WCW Nitro took place on September 4, 1995, inside the colossal shopping complex in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was unlike any other wrestling event we have seen since.

    Fans crowded into whatever area they could find to get a view of the show. Seating was not set up like a typical event so it was first come, first served.

    If you go back and watch this show on WWE Network, you will notice how it is different from any other episode of Nitro that came after. Creating memories like that for fans is what will keep them coming back. 

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    It seems like Disney has its hand in just about every form of entertainment except for professional wrestling. Maybe The House of Mouse should consider giving it a try.

    Disneyland and Disney World are home to some of the most entertaining live shows anyone can hope to see. 

    Some might think pro wrestling would be too violent for a company like Disney, but we are talking about the same people who make Marvel movies about mass genocide committed by a big purple dude and Star Wars movies about galactic war. It can handle some pulled punches and suplexes.

    Both parks have more than enough space both indoors and outside for AEW to set up a ring and temporary seating, so certain logistics would be taken care of with ease. 

    We once saw Robocop save Sting in WCW. Why can’t Iron Man save Cody Rhodes from The Inner Circle or Gamora help out her fellow alien, Kris Statlander?

    AEW might have to tone itself down for a night to pull this off, but it would be amazing to see two people beating each other up with Disney’s signature Cinderella Castle in the background. 

    Many pro wrestlers have appeared in Disney shows and movies, so there are already corporate connections in place to make this happen. 

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    The Hammerstein Ballroom has hosted wrestling events for WWE, ECW, Impact and Ring of Honor. It has a legacy in the world of pro wrestling and AEW should be part of that.

    The design of the arena within the Manhattan Center in New York is completely different from the usual venues we see every week because it is not designed to house basketball courts or hockey rinks. 

    Everything about the experience is more intimate, which makes it feel more special for fans in attendance. The seating capacity is on the small side so AEW would not have to worry about selling out tickets.

    Out of all the places listed in this article, this is the most likely to happen because the venue already has such a long history of hosting wrestling events. 

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    Anyone reading this who is old enough probably has fond memories of WCW’s Bash at the Beach PPVs from the ’90s, especially when they were held on an actual beach.

    AEW brought the name back for the January 15 episode of Dynamite, but it was just a typical show in an arena. If the company owns the rights to the name, it should take full advantage by hosting a show on the beach in Florida or California.

    Outdoor wrestling shows are always fun if the weather permits. Some huge WCW moments took place at Bash at the Beach, such as Hulk Hogan’s in-ring debut for the company in 1994 and his heel turn to join the NWO in 1996.

    All Elite Wrestling can recapture some of that magic. The company is always looking for ways to pay tribute to the past while forging its own path. Putting on an event like this would allow former WCW stars to be brought in naturally without it feeling like an unnecessary cameo. 

    All they would need to do is find a beach capable of holding the show and build some makeshift seating for the event, which is something it can contract out to a local company. It would probably be easier than setting up a wrestling show on a cruise and it would be cheaper for fans to attend. Everybody wins.

    What kind of unique locations would you like to see host a future AEW event? Let me know on Twitter @BR_Doctor


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