Bobby Fish on Finding Success at Age 43

For many people, age is just a number. Bobby Fish is living proof of that. He is the current WWE NXT Tag Team Champion. He gave a backstage interview and spoke about the people that call professional wrestling a fake sport. He believes it is an insult.

“It’s not ballet. We’re recreating a fight,” Fish said. “It can be messy and chaotic. We get hurt. Calling our sport fake is an insult. It’s not fake, but it is pre-determined. Our goal is to put on a show that pleases the fans.”

Fish also recalled how he got into the WWE and now makes good money. A friend of his got him a job at Target that would have seen him make $50,000 per year with benefits. He instead chose to work for Ring of Honor at $40,000 per year.

He worked for a total of 5 years for ROH before going to Japan. In Japan, he worked for 2 years. He then joined the WWE Developmental System in 2017 and eventually made his way into WWE NXT. “It was an unheard-of sum to me,” Fish said.

“It kept me in wrestling. Everything has happened late for me in my career. I never would have believed someone if they said I’d have the success I’m having now at 43.” It is never too late is what they say! Bobby Fish is doing really well for a man of his age in the world of professional wrestling.

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