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With a heavy heart, Weeze’s Cafe has made the decision to temporarily close its doors this week.

D, the owner of the restaurant, said this decision was made because of the State of Emergency the City of Bartlesville looks to declare on Monday night because of COVID-19. He said they feel terrible about having to close their doors.

There are 14 employees that work at Weeze’s that this directly impacts. This also hurts the restaurant as they are having to halt their renovations.

Bellco Glass LLC was starting to work on the south side windows again before COVID-19 hit the area. The front windows were also scheduled to be renovate during this time. Adding another 5-ton heat and air system within the restaurant has to be put on hold as well. On the bright side, Weeze’s Cafe has the new signage out front to boast about.

D said if Weeze’s Cafe gets calls from the public, they will pick up their curbside and delivery services. He said they love their customers more than they can imagine, and that they want to continue to take every precaution to keep their customers safe like they always have.

Weeze’s Cafe said they want to open there doors back up as soon as possible. Until then, D asks every Bartian to check on each other, especially the elderly. He said we must be kind, and show love, compassion, mercy, and grace during these strange times.

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