AEW Star Calls for a Match With Chris Jericho

Christopher Daniels spoke in an interview with Fightful about wanting a match against AEW World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho now that the two stars in the same promotion. 

 “I feel like Chris Jericho, if he’s not the greatest of all time, he’s certainly in the discussion. Certainly top five. Everybody’s said this, so this isn’t news, the man is incredible at reinventing himself and keeping himself relevant. It’s something I’ve always sort of tried to emulate in my career. Just the opportunity to get in the ring with someone like him would be a great honor. You know, we… …plenty of times, him 30 years, I’m on 27 years now, and the just fact that it hasn’t happened yet, but now it’s becoming a possibility is something that’s really interesting. Really interesting. I’m not looking to hang it up any time soon; I’m sure neither is he. So I’m sure at some point we’re going to run into each other, I think.”

“I missed him. I was in WCW literally right, maybe, a year after he left. Then the entire time he was in WWE, I was Ring of Honor or TNA, and so, yeah, we’ve never even been in the same company at the same time until beginning of last year. So, now here we are.”

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